Are you about to receive a large sum of money? 

Now you need more than just an Investment Advisor, you need a fully qualified Team that can integrate and coordinate your investment decisions with your liquidity and cash flow needs as well as your tax and estate concerns. Here are common pitfalls of Sudden Wealth...

  • Making irrational and unnecessary decisions

  • Uncontrolled spending

  • Providing promises and commitments 

  • Retreating and going into hiding

  • Self-medicating to relieve your new found financial stress

This is where the need for a Financial Plan jumps to life when we do suddenly receive or expect to receive a lump sum amount of money. This might have come from:

sudden wealth

In today's complex tax, legal and financial world, it is important for you to have an advisor, who is able to coordinate these areas, provide clear and consistent guidance, and ensure your future is everything you want it to be.

Pellegrini Financial has been committed to providing the highest level of integrated financial advice to our clients for 25 years. We believe in a “carry the ball” approach to dealing with financial issues.

We take the time and care in understanding the issues most important in each of our client’s personal and financial lives and provide the peace of mind that clients expect when we have dealt with their planning issues with the utmost thoroughness.

Our success comes down to our absolute commitment of being the “go to” resource for our clients.


our approach




Private Wealth

The next step in your financial journey

As your wealth grows, there will come a point when you begin to expect more from your investments. Private Wealth Portfolios are a disciplined, discretionary, highly personalized service offering designed to give you:

  • More personalization. Your portfolio is customized to reflect your unique needs, goals and preferences — right down to the selection of individual securities and incorporation of investment strategies which aim to minimize the impact of capital gains.

  • More access. You will have access to a sophisticated platform of investment vehicles — from separately managed accounts holding individual equity & fixed income securities to mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and more.

  • More expertise. Investment decisions are made by seasoned investment specialists whose portfolio management expertise is typically available only to institutional investors.

With you every step of the way

With the exclusive benefits that Private Wealth Portfolios provide, you can feel confident that your portfolio has been expertly built to reflect not only your financial objectives but also your personal values and beliefs. You benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing there is a strong team of experts dedicated to the management, growth, and protection of your personal wealth.

Personalized Portfolio

Your portfolio is as individual as you are

Unlike mutual funds or many other managed investment programs that are currently available, Private Wealth gives you the advantage of tailoring your portfolio to meet your personal preferences in four key areas:

Personal Values

We can customize your portfolio to exclude specific securities or sectors that you don’t want to invest in for ethical reasons.

Risk Tolerance

Your asset allocation will be calibrated to deliver optimal growth potential with the lowest possible risk while maintaining alignment with your investment objectives.

Active Tax Management

Your portfolio will be monitored for gains and losses to help you manage the overall taxable consequences on your portfolio through a tax loss harvesting methodology.


Your investments can be used to generate cash flow as required.

The portfolio that results from this process is much more than just a collection of investments; it is a representation and reflection of who you are as an individual.



A: When sudden wealth arrives to someone, it quite often exposes people to the world of financial markets and products. There is no shortage of "supposed" investment opportunities. It is important for anyone to seek professional, qualified, experienced and most importantly, realistic advice! Research the advisors you choose to work with.

A: Our approach to any Sudden Wealth proceeds is to ensure the money is held in a liquid and risk-free account where you can receive a satisfactory interest rate to begin with. Beyond that, there should be a comprehensive financial plan that should dictate what you need your money to do for you, and only then should it get invested accordingly.

A: No. We make recommendations but we are not in a position to cause changes to your holdings without your specific direction.

A: There are many different types of investments, each serving a different purpose within your portfolio. Some, such as Term Deposits, GICs and Guaranteed Investment Funds have a guarantee of principal. Others, which are more growth oriented may fluctuate in value, but without principal guarantees. The key is to have the right mix of assets to ensure all of your objectives can be met.

A: Any term related product is generally locked in such as Term Deposits and GICs. Otherwise, investment fund products are liquid at any time, but may incur transaction costs, become a taxable transaction, or incur withholding tax specific to that type of account in order to access funds.

A: Our compensation for financial planning is agreed upon up front and charged as an advisory fee that is commensurate with the amount of assets under management you may hold through our office.  We provide tiered discounting at higher asset levels.


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