money facts

3 April, 2019

MoneyFacts 2019

A quick reference guide that outlines contribution limits for RRSPs & TFSAs and more.
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2 April, 2019

Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer 101: The biggest inter-generational wealth transfer in Canadian history is taking place right now. Read the e-book to learn more.
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2019 budget

20 March, 2019

Canada’s Budget 2019-2020

The Federal Government released its new budget for 2019 with various spending measures for the middle class. Our Budget Infographic provides key highlights.
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27 February, 2019

TFSA and RRSP 2019

Saving for the future involves using both RRSPs and TFSAs.
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6 February, 2019

Money Dates 2019

Stay organized and on top of filing your tax returns. This infographic highlights important deadlines and benefit payment dates to add to your calendar.
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30 January, 2019

Simple RRSP Strategies

RRSP’s are a key retirement planning vehicle. Our e-book provides three helpful strategies for taking full advantage of your RRSP contribution room.
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Disclaimer: This commentary is provided as a general source of information and is intended for Canadian residents only. The views and opinions expressed in this commentary may not necessarily reflect those of IPC Investment Corporation.

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Forth Quarter 2018

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1st Quarter Conference Call - A New Year. A New Outlook

Third Quarter 2018

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3rd Quarter Conference Call – Markets are Focused.....Are you? Fourth Quarter 2017

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1st Quarter Conference Call - A New Year. A New Outlook

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IPC Private Wealth Manager Insights

In the last quarter, markets have changed as frequently as the weather. Wayne shares the top reasons shaping investor sentiment, equity valuations, and what we’re watching closely.

This quarter, Wayne Gillespie, Director & Senior Portfolio Strategist, discusses how recent volatility shaped the sentiment and security of investors, and why a cautiously optimistic mindset is needed for 2019.

At our Toronto Due Diligence conference in January, we asked three of our Investment specialists to share their outlook for 2019. In this four-minute video, managers from Sionna Investment Managers, Lincluden Investment Management, and Mount Lucas Management give us insight into what we might expect in 2019, with a conclusion from Wayne Gillespie, Portfolio Manager, Director, and Senior Portfolio Strategist for IPC Private Wealth.

Our Director of Product Management, Paul Davidson, explains the rationale behind the introduction of our new Multi-Strategy Alternatives Mandate, while George Fox and Corrado Russo, managers of the hedge fund and global real estate components, discuss how their mandates fit into the new offering.

Boris Kovtunenko from Acadian Asset Management and James Lampard from Lincluden Investment Management share their perspectives on the market, while Wayne Gillespie, Director and Senior Portfolio Strategist weighs in and highlights the value of portfolio construction.

Sometimes quantitative modeling can feel like a black box. Tim provides some clarity by sharing an example of when a trend-following model recognized a potential downturn ahead of the herd. He also highlights how this approach can complement a portfolio and help mitigate risk. Mount Lucas Management is responsible for managing the North American Sector Rotation and Global Trend Strategy mandates.

This quarter, Kim shares what worked well following a recovery in the Energy sector. She also discusses e-commerce hype and how unique consumer experiences are revealing pockets of value within the retail sector. Sionna is responsible for managing the North American Value equities mandate.

Market Monitor Audiocasts

January 2019 Market Monitor

At our recent Toronto Due Diligence conference, we asked six of our Investment specialists to share their market outlook for 2019. In this video, managers from Picton Mahoney, Franklin Templeton, Irish Life, Mackenzie, Mawer, and Mt. Lucas provide their perspectives of what 2019 might bring, with a conclusion from Corrado Tiralongo, Counsel’s Chief Investment Officer.

October 2018 Market Monitor

We caught up with four of our investment specialists at our recent Fall Summit in Whistler, B.C., and we asked them for their perspective on the markets and the positioning of their portfolios. Managers from Marsico, Timbercreek, Mackenzie and Wasatch provide insight on the value they add to their portfolios, and how they are positioning their mandates in the current market environment and in the event of a potential economic downturn. Corrado Tiralongo, Counsel’s Chief Investment Officer, concludes by explaining how it all fits together.

May 2018 Market Monitor

Five of our investment specialists with diverse investment styles and strategies share their unique points of view. Managers from Marsico, Franklin Templeton, Picton Mahoney, Wasatch and Acadian provide their views on where are we now, and where we might go from here, and Corrado Tiralongo, Counsel’s Chief Investment Officer, puts it all into perspective.

January 2018 Market Monitor

Steve Locke, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Fixed Income Team Lead at Mackenzie Investments, explains how his portfolio is positioned for this environment of gradually increasing interest rates. He also discusses the possibility of rates going back down, and what he plans to do within the portfolio if that occurs. The Mackenzie Fixed Income Team manages the Canadian Core Fixed Income component of the Counsel Fixed Income mandate.

Tom Marsico, Founder, CEO and CIO at Marsico Capital Management describes his growth philosophy for investing in this environment of increasing interest rates and U.S. tax cuts. He also weighs in on the likelihood of an economic downturn in 2018. Marsico Capital Management manages the Counsel U.S. Growth mandate.

October 2017 Market Monitor

Donie O’Brien, Senior Quantitative Fund Manager at Irish Life Investment Managers discusses what he believes to be the current drivers of risk in the marketplace and Irish Life’s approach to managing risk. He also talks about increasing interest rates and the value of fixed income as a shock absorber in diversified portfolios. Irish Life manages the Defensive global equity, Global low volatility equity, Global government bonds, and Emerging market debt and equities components of the Counsel Retirement Portfolios.

Brandon Geisler, Portfolio Manager at Marsico Capital Management gives Marsico’s perspective on investing in this environment of high U.S. valuations and low volatility. He also shares his thoughts on the current U.S. administration and potential changes to the Fed. Marsico manages the Counsel U.S. Growth mandate.

Stu Kedwell, Co-Head of Canadian Equities, Senior Vice-President, and Senior Portfolio Manager of North American Equities at RBC Global Asset Management weighs in on recent difficulties in the Canadian market. Stu also shares the factors considered when assessing the likelihood of a recession, including the general direction of the stock market or market breadth. RBC manages the Canadian Dividend component of Counsel Regular Pay and Counsel Income Managed Portfolios.

July 2017 Market Monitor

Mel Mariampillai, Portfolio Manager at Sionna Investment Managers discusses the challenges we're seeing in Canada, whether things are likely to improve, the impact of interest rates, and overvaluation.
Sionna is responsible for managing the North American Value equities mandate.

Steve Locke, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Head of Team at Mackenzie Investments offers his views on the Bank of Canada's rate decisions, the impact these will on us and the real estate market, as well as the importance of being selective and well diversified in fixed income.
Mackenzie is responsible for managing the Canadian core fixed income and fixed income mandates.

Virginia Au, Vice President, and Portfolio Manager at Invesco Capital talks about concerns around a correction in the market, which sectors they are finding opportunities in, and how small caps are doing against bigger names.
Invesco is responsible for managing the U.S. Small Cap mandate.

April 2017 Market Monitor

The Fed raising rates has been a hot topic. Tim notes that this is a good thing, because it indicates the economy is improving. Growth is no longer as stagnant as it once was. The energy market is in a state of equilibrium and pricing has moved from ‘Cartel-based to competitive’. In terms of valuations, Tim’s views are that while it is not a ‘roaring bull market’, valuations are fair, especially given that things are up 25% from a year ago when people thought they were reasonable. Listen to our interview with Tim.

International small caps are doing well in Asia and developed Europe, Roger says. There is a cyclical pick-up especially in sectors such as Financials and Information Technology; emerging markets are doing better on their fundamentals and currencies are strengthening. Chances of a crash are low in a climate of synchronized global recovery. And while there has been a lot of talk around Trump and his potential impact on global interests, especially trade, Roger’s view is that this impact is overstated. He argues that focusing too much on Trump may well cause investors to miss the opportunities afforded by the recovery we’re seeing now.

Momentum in the energy sector has been good over the shorter term; and, David sees this continuing, albeit at a slower pace. With Trump’s policies in the U.S., and as China unwinds some of its stimulus plans, there will be a move towards greater stability. An acceleration of growth in the U.S. is theoretically good for Canada, David says. However, if border taxation comes into play, it could be a trade barrier for everyone globally, Canada included. David also expresses some if his concerns in the short term around a slow down of data coming out of China, an economy that drives some of the more cyclical areas of the market.

January 2017 Market Monitor

Peter Chin, Vice President at Lincluden Investment Management talks about potential effects of a Trump presidency on Canadian dividends. He also shares his thoughts on oil, and his outlook for the Canadian market in 2017.

In this segment Steve Locke, Senior Vice President, Investment Management, and lead of the Fixed Income Team at Mackenzie Investments gives his perspective on the recent U.S. Fed rate increase, and its potential effects on Canadian fixed income. He also shares his outlook for fixed income in 2017.


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