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  • Do I have enough?

  • How do I access my money?

  • How do I wind down my business?

  • How do I maximize government benefits?

  • How can I minimize taxes?

  • Should I take CPP early?

  • Can I afford to help my kids?

Our Process

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Choose to work with Pellegrini Financial and you’re choosing a relationship. One in which personalized attention and an understanding of your specific goals is our springboard.

Choose to work with us, and you’re choosing a strategic approach to getting to your goals, not trend-chasing. We design your portfolio based on your priorities and manage it, hands on to optimize your investment.


We are not exclusive to any bank or financial institutions so we come with no-strings-attached.


We make your financial goals a personal priority. We get to know you, learn what makes you tick, uncover your dreams, and help you sketch a plan that makes them a reality.


We tailor plans to suit your stage-of-life, plans and milestones.


We follow the Personal Wealth Management Strategy, a disciplined process designed to help us plan and keep your plans on track.


Our people are committed to obtaining and maintaining recognized professional designations in the area that matter to your success.


We believe in financial plans that work for you. Getting you to your dreams is the stuff that makes us excited!




Insurance may be a critical part of a secure retirement plan

Did you know?


1 in 1200 chance of House Fire


1 in 240 chance of Catastrophic Car Crash


1 in 14 chance of individual age 40 dies before 65


1 in 5 chance of 90 Day+ Disability Claim


1 in 3 chance of Critical Illness



Our Process

Estate Planning is really all about summarizing what you have and ensuring it is managed or distributed the way you want at a future date. We see seven important steps in the Estate Planning Process:


Many people have assets in many different places; it can be a daunting task to identify them all and often the reason people put the process off. We know the questions to ask and will take a ‘hands on’ approach to compiling your Net Worth.

Making sure you and your spouse have adequate financial resources in the event of death or disability is the next basic step. It’s often referred to as Risk Management.

What do you want to have happen with your assets when you’re gone? Open discussion with professionals can help you decide. Our Estate Mapping Service will graphically show you what your estate distribution looks like.

At death CRA deems you to have disposed of all of your assets at fair market value and any resulting taxes become due and payable. We research ways to minimize the impact of tax and maximize the benefit to your heirs.

The Will deals with your estate at death. The Power of Attorney deals with your finances if you lose capacity. The Personal Directive deals with your health care if you lose capacity. Once decisions are made, we will provide written direction to your lawyer to execute these documents.

Keeping track of all of the above in one place is the easiest way for you and for your estate representative to deal with your affairs. Our office ensures that we always complete periodic reviews so that your heirs and executors can effectively deal with your affairs when the time comes.

Trustee Service

What happens when those closest to you are no longer around? Those that know you best lose capacity? With today’s ever increasing longevity can leave issues that you once thought would never occur... who will deal with my estate? Together with you, we look to seek out the services that best suit you and can offer a solution to who can administer your estate. Like it or not, this may become a part of your eventual estate planning, which is why it’s important to have a close knit and comprehensive planning relationship with a Team like ours!



Charitable Giving can be an emotionally rewarding process for many individuals, and Canadian families far and wide, have continually shown their tremendous support for many types of programs and causes. Many of our own clients express these same types of behaviors, but with an added commitment...

  • Do you provide financial gifts to programs or causes on a regular basis?

  • Is there a legacy you wish to leave outside of your family, even beyond your own estate?

  • Can I ensure my gift can be held to a level of accountability to the beneficial organization that receives my donation?

  • How can I create my own Charitable Foundation?

  • Enact gifts with the greatest and most efficient tax advantages!

It may seem insurmountable to achieve all of the above, but with a properly formulated gifting plan and properly structured vehicles to make it happen, you can leave a legacy that can last a lifetime and beyond!

We are here to help achieve charitable giving that ensures Tax Efficiency, Low Cost Alternatives, Flexibility and Convenience.  Making charitable gifting even better!


A: Financial planning is not simply drawing a pie chart to invest your money.  Financial planning is a well thought out road map that brings together tax issues, cash flow and income security, risk management concerns and estate planning, all of which should dictate what you need the money to do for you!  This has to come before any pie chart!

A: Absolutely Not!  As we develop and outline planning strategies, we will look to work with your other professional advisors.  Our recommendations will be reviewed by your accountant and/or lawyer and ultimately implemented by them within the context of the financial plan we have set forth.

A: No. We make recommendations but we are not in a position to cause changes to your holdings without your specific direction.

A: There are many different types of investments, each serving a different purpose within your portfolio. Some, such as Term Deposits, GICs and Guaranteed Investment Funds have a guarantee of principal. Others, which are more growth oriented may fluctuate in value, but without principal guarantees. The key is to have the right mix of assets to ensure all of your objectives can be met.

A: Any term related product is generally locked in such as Term Deposits and GICs. Otherwise, investment fund products are liquid at any time, but may incur transaction costs, become a taxable transaction, or incur withholding tax specific to that type of account in order to access funds.

A: Our compensation for financial planning is agreed upon up front and charged as an advisory fee that is commensurate with the amount of assets under management you may hold through our office.  We provide tiered discounting at higher asset levels.


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