Q: Are investment desicions made without me?

A: No. We make recommedations but we are not in a position to cause changes to your holdings without your specific direction.

Q: Are investments held by Pellegrini Financial?

A: No. All investment assets are registered directly into your name or to your RRSP trustee. Money flows from you to the financial institution and not through our accounts.

Q: Are my investments guaranteed?

A: There are many different types of investments, each serving a different purpose within your portfolio. Some, such as Term Deposits, GICs and Guaranteed Investment Funds have a guarantee of principal. Others, which are more growth oriented may fluctuate in value. The key is to have the right mix of assets to ensure all of your objectives can be met.

Q: Are my investments locked in?

A: Any term related product is generally locked in such as Term Deposits and GICs. Most investment fund products are liquid at any time, they may however be subject to a redemption fee if the fund company has not yet fully amortized the amounts paid to your advisor.

Q: Are references available?

A: Absolutely! We would be pleased to provide you with the names of people you can call and ask how they feel about the services provided by Pellegrini Financial.

Q: How does Pellegrini Financial get paid?

A: Our compensation for investment planning is provided by the financial institutions with which we place your money. They attempt to amortize this cost within their stated management fees over a period of time.