Our Process

Estate Planning is really all about summarizing what you have and ensuring it is managed or distributed the way you want at a future date. We see seven important steps in the Estate Planning Process:

estate planning

Net Worth
Many people have assets in many different places; it can be a daunting task to identify them all and often the reason people put the process off. We know the questions to ask and will take a ‘hands on’ approach to compiling your Net Worth.

Making sure you and your spouse have adequate financial resources in the event of death or disability is the next basic step. It’s often referred to as Risk Management.

What do you want to have happen with your assets when you’re gone? Open discussion with professionals can help you decide. Our Estate Mapping Service will graphically show you what your estate distribution looks like.

Tax Plan
At death CRA deems you to have disposed of all of your assets at fair market value and any resulting taxes become due and payable. We research ways to minimize the impact of tax and maximize the benefit to your heirs.

Legal Docs
The Will deals with your estate at death. The Power of Attorney deals with your finances if you lose capacity. The Personal Directive deals with your health care if you lose capacity. Once decisions are made, we will provide written direction to your lawyer.

Life Registry
Keeping track of all of the above in one place is the easiest way for you and your advisor to do periodic reviews and for your heirs and executors to deal with your affairs when the time comes.